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To preserve and protect the natural beauty of White Lake while encouraging responsible residential and commercial growth and ensuring an enriched quality of life for our residents and visitors

Our Story

Let Me Tell You Our Story

White Lake is one of thousands of Carolina Bays dotting the eastern coast of North America from Delaware to Central Florida. Commonly speculated to be a pre-historic depression formed by a meteorite shower, it is a shallow, naturally water-fed lake. The shoreline is a gently sloping decline to a maximum depth of 8’ to 10’, depending on the seasonal rainfall. Because of its intrinsic geological formation and features, this 1200-acre lake is home to Great Blue herons, red-eared slider turtles, cypress trees with Spanish moss, an occasional otter, and stately bald eagles. Within the past 100 years, it has become a coveted vacation and permanent home destination in southeastern North Carolina.

Dubbed the “Nation’s Safest Beach” in the late 1960s, White Lake attracts boaters, water skiers, wake boarders, wake surfers, paddle-boarders, and kayakers. Fishermen earn bragging rights while reeling in yellow perch, bream, catfish, and the coveted largemouth bass. Sun lovers recline lakeside with good books and fruity drinks. Children frolic in quiet shoreline waters.

Campsites, motels, condominiums, apartments, and residential neighborhoods encircle the lake. Arcades, restaurants, ice cream shops, a waterfront church, a marina, miniature golf, a water park, clothing establishments, and a lakeside bar cater to visitors and homeowners. A five-minute drive away is a world-class 18-hole golf course.


Sister-city Elizabethtown is a ten-minute excursion to a quaint downtown shopping district, two celebrated vineyard experiences, and local favorite restaurants. Jones Lake, fifteen minutes away, features a wildlife, flora, and fauna museum with walking trails around the shoreline of this undeveloped, pristine, and protected Carolina Bay.


Additional excitement includes triathlons, summer concerts, antique car shows, and the acclaimed White Lake Water Festival.

It's a grand adventure bursting with water-doused activities and rollicking laughter. It’s a lazy reprieve found deep in the embrace of a dangling hammock, a best-seller in your hand.

That’s our story.

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